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Photographer | Memphis, Tennessee

Aside from being a photographer I am also a wife, dog mom, friend and love my city - Memphis. My husband, Jason, is a web developer and my dog Brooks imagines vacuums as the most intimidating villain, so I guess you could say we are a creative family. I've always been a people person and I have also loved photography since I was a little tom-boy. I started really falling in love with photography in college while first getting BS (always funny) in Psychology and minoring in Photography. After being introduced to the euphoria of the dark room I made a change to pursuing a BFA with a concentration in photography - I just couldn't resist, and I'm glad I gave in. I graduated with honors and growing so much as an artist in 2013 with my BFA and have still been shooting as much as I possibly can. 

Now, specializing in weddings and fine art I am absolutely loving it. It's more than taking photographs for me. I love working with people, building friendships with people, being a part of lives - especially in this most exciting time of becoming one, marriage!